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Licensed Colorado Pond Contractors

Transform your backyard into an enduring, year-round oasis for friends and family

We take your vision of a perfect backyard water feature, and bring that design to life with a 3D rendering of what your pond or water garden will look like before we begin any construction. Whether you want a waterfall for your existing koi pond, or need to start from scratch, we can build your own backyard pond, complete with visually stunning landscape and underwater lighting! Also, if you haven’t had much luck finding a pool contractor recently, message us and we’ll help you get started with a recreational pond for swimming and entertaining the family.

Pond Specializations

Aquatic Plants

Incorporating aquatic plants into your pond brings life, color, and balance, especially when selecting species native to Colorado’s unique climate.

Faux Rock

The custom nature of our faux rock work allows us to match colors and shapes to blend more seamlessly with nature and existing elements of any backyard water feature.

Low-Voltage Lighting

With innovative design and efficient technology, these lights brighten your outdoor haven while being mindful of energy consumption and elecrical safety.


Tranquility and visual beauty — koi ponds can be run year-round with a little maintenance and some planning ahead. Water gardens may or may not include goldfish or koi, which help provide the ecosystem with nutrients. Either way, we can help you pick the perfect plants for your aquascape and design a functional, beautiful garden pond to make your home even more unique.

Recreational Ponds

Recreational swim ponds are an alternative to traditional swimming pools. As swimming pool contractors are more often booked out for long periods of time, rec ponds became a more appealing idea to homeowners. But you have to do them the right way, with a trusted professional, who can ensure a safe and visually pleasing experience. Since electrical wiring and cleanliness are top concerns for building any water feature that people will be swimming in, it’s critical to find licensed and certified pond builders to create an eco-balanced pond that is safe for birds, wildlife and humans.